Here at Top Dogs, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible service available to both you and your pet and we begin this on your very first visit with our complimentary consultation. The consultation allows us to understand your dog’s personality, find out more about their grooming history and allows us to form a relationship of trust with the owner. We know that no two dogs are the same and animals react differently to their surroundings and to the stress that grooming can place on them, especially if they haven’t been groomed before. This first visit allows us to put them at ease.

The grooming experience is very important for your dog. If they have an enjoyable experience starting from a young age, then it helps to build your dog’s confidence and they will feel comfortable to meet and interact with new people or other animals. If they have a stressful experience, they can be anxious and nervous when visiting new places like a grooming salon or even the vets.

At Top Dogs, your pet will always be treated with love, gentleness and in a non-aggressive manner. We take precaution to ensure your pet is completely comfortable to make their visit as enjoyable as possible. We also NEVER use sedation!

Whether you are treating your pet to the Top Dog Experience or a simple Bath & Tidy to freshen them up for a special event, we understand that every dog is unique and we will work closely with you to ensure we create the desired result. Our personal, bespoke approach to grooming allows you and your pet to feel secure in knowing they are receiving the finest care by a qualified professional.