Puppy Package

The first visit of the puppy is the most important! The ideal age to start grooming procedures is from 3 to 4 months of age (after the 3rd vaccine) and the process should be as short as possible within about 1 hour. The main idea is to acquaint them with the process by including only the basic and STANDARD procedures without trimming the body! We will only cut and shape the hair around the eyes and ears if necessary. If you book by phone, we can give you some simple tips for preparing your puppy for his first visit.

Puppy Package is ideal for the first grooming of all breeds of dogs aged 3-4 months. The introduction process is short and sweet, but most importantly – full of fun!

Bath & Tidy

A quick tidy-up including all of our premium STANDARD procedures but without any full-body clipping and styling. A B&T will also include trimming around the eyes to clear your dog’s vision, if necessary.

Ideal for intermediate visits in between full grooms or for special family events like Christmas, when you are too busy for a full grooming procedure but you still want your dog looking good and feeling fresh!

Top Dog Standard/ Full Groom

This includes all of our premium STANDARD procedures in addition to a fresh, full body trim. At Top Dogs we specialize in Breed Standard Pet Cuts. Combining clipper-work and hand-scissoring with any special requests from the owner of the pet, a Top Dogs Full Groom will have your dog looking cute and cuddly, while also providing a high level of comfort for your dog.

Top Dog Experience/ SPA package

Our signature package will ensure your pet leaves our salon feeling fresh and fully pampered! The Top Dog Experience includes all of the features of a Full Groom, along with a few very special VIP treatments that will ensure your dog truly feels like Royalty! Package includes:

Aromatherapy Bath and Massage: The ultimate Spa Treatment. Your pet will relax during their extra 10 minute body massage using one of our luxurious natural shampoos that will cleanse and condition the hair and skin, leaving your dog feeling fresh and smelling fantastic.

Spa Facial Cleanse: A special spa treatment made using 100% natural ingredients that will remove dirt and help reduce tear staining. Gentle enough to use around your dog’s eyes while it soothes and nourishes their skin and hair.

Nose & Paw Rub: In addition to a standard Nail Clip, your pooch will be treated with a natural, organic paw rub that will help to reduce inflammation, heal and moisturize your dog’s pads. This moisturizing balm can also be used to soothe your dog’s nose.

Fresh breath spray: Generous spray for a fresh breath with a touch of mint. The spray contains enzymes that kill bad bacteria, prevent the calculus and help to keep the teeth clean.

Special Spritz: After the Top Dog Experience, your pet will be lightly sprayed with one of our luxurious colognes, leaving your pooch smelling fresh for longer.

Approximate price list

Top Dogs gives you an approximate price list of the services it offers. The final price will be quoted before the start of the process and it will take into account the following factors:

  • the size and weight of the dog

  • the condition of the coat

  • required styling

  • temperament/aggressiveness of the dog (in extreme circumstances)

Top Dogs Services Small breeds
up to 5kg.
Medium breeds
from 6 to 15kg.
Large breeds
from 16 to 30kg.
Extra large
over 30kg.
Bath & Tidy 45-50lv. 50-60lv. 60-75lv. 75-100lv.
Shaving with Clippers 50-55lv. 55-65lv. 65-85lv. 85-150lv.
Top Dog Standard
/full groom/
55-60lv. 60-70lv. 70-90lv. 90-200lv.
Top Dog Experience
/SPA package/
+ 7.50lv. + 7.50lv. + 10lv. + 12.50lv.


Service Price
Removing tangles, knots, double coat (deshedding) 10-60lv.
Handstripping 50-150lv.
Anti-parasitic shampoo 10-20lv.
Ear cleaning 10-15lv.
Nail clipping 10-15lv.
Prices for TeethCleaning