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Cosmetic cleaning of tartar and plaque for dogs
with a special ultrasonic brush Emmi-Pet





  • NO PAIN!






Emmi-Pet is innovative dental care for dogs across the globe, allowing them to have their teeth cleaned without having to be put under anesthesia. Once introduced correctly, this unique toothbrush is generally well accepted by dogs, as not only is it soundless and vibration-free, no actual brushing or scrubbing is necessary. It is a gentle and gradual method of removing tartar and bacteria from your dog’s teeth and gums. In most cases it happens from the first visit but sometimes needs to be used for several sessions in order to thin the tartar and bacteria enough to make it safe to flick the tartar off the teeth. The good news is that from the very first use, the ultrasound is killing the bacteria in the mouth and right under the gum line, which results in the immediate reduction, or even total elimination of bad breath!

How It Works

Ultrasound reaches deep below the gum line to kill germs and bacteria; it cleans the teeth and gums to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar. At the same time, it increases the blood flow to the gums to heal wounds and stop bleeding. It reduces the necessity for dogs to go under anesthesia for a full dental descale and keeps their teeth healthy. The soft bristles are held against the teeth/gums allowing your pet’s teeth to be cleaned gently without the irritation of vibration or noise.

The Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleaning System effectively combats:

  • Plaque and tartar build up
  • Gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Oral cavity diseases
  • Bad breath
  • Staining

Ultrasonic tooth brushing will benefit your pet’s general health, as unhealthy teeth and gums affect the whole body. Healthy teeth and gums mean less bacteria and good oral hygiene. Healthy teeth are stronger and with regular treatments they will see your dog through to old age!

About Aggressive Dogs

Please note that we are NOT able to provide this service to aggressive biting dogs. If you still want to clean your dog’s teeth without having to be sedated, we advise you to do the procedure yourself in a calm, home environment by purchasing the Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic Toothbrush. We recommend regular use – at least 3 times a week.
For more information about the brush, please click here.


Dogs UNDER 10kg:

  • every following up to 3 months – 40 lev.
  • Individual brush head, payed with first visit – 25 lev.

Dogs OVER 10kg:

  • every following up to 3 months – 50 lev.
  • Individual brush head, payed with first visit – 25 lev.
Why do I need to clean my dog’s teeth? Is it worth me booking an appointment if my dog doesn’t have any tartar?2023-06-23T14:24:38+03:00

Prevention is always better than cure! The ultrasound kills bacteria in the dog’s mouth which is the main cause of gum problems and plaque build-up. By having regular sessions alongside your dog’s regular groom you can help to prevent the tartar from attaching to the teeth and keep those pearly whites sparkling for years to come!

When you don’t clean your dog’s teeth, you typically end up having to make an appointment with the vet so that your dog can have a full anesthesia and a usually costly, dental intervention.  After this professional clean, over time the plaque will start to build up again and unless you are maintaining a regular oral hygiene routine, you’ll be faced with the same situation a couple of years down the line.

Please remember, that dogs need dental care too!

What age should my dog start teeth cleaning?2023-06-23T14:30:44+03:00

Optimum dental care for dogs starts at a young age. Regular and conscientious dental care is recommended to effectively prevent tartar in dogs. Even though puppies usually have bright white teeth, it is advisable to have cleaned their teeth AT LEAST ONCE before the age of 1 to allow your puppy to get used to dental care in a playful way. The Emmi-Pet ultrasonic toothbrush is particularly appropriate for this purpose due to its silent and vibration-free operation.

How long does the treatment take?2023-06-23T14:31:29+03:00

Your first appointment will involve a consultation to assess any issues that may need a vet visit before commencing.  All being well the first treatment takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Subsequent maintenance treatments take around 30 minutes and can be added on to the next grooming appointment.

Does it hurt the dog?2023-06-23T14:43:40+03:00

No! The Ultrasound technology is completely painless. There is also no noise or vibration from the brush and the toothbrush just needs to be held against each tooth with no brushing. Most dogs very quickly adapt to the process.

What if my dog doesn’t like it?2023-06-23T14:45:19+03:00

Please note that we will never force a dog to have the treatment if it is excessively unsettled by the procedure. As with general grooming, we are only able to do what the dog allows us to do. Some dogs take a few sessions to learn to accept the brush, while many are happy from day one. Not every dog is suitable for teeth cleaning, some will just not tolerate it. If your dog refuses to work with us, of course you will not be charged for the full procedure. You will be charged for the brush head used on your dog and a portion of the service fee, depending on the time spent trying to work with your dog.


Is the Emmi-Pet toothbrush safe?2023-06-23T14:46:32+03:00

The toothbrush uses high frequency and low power ultrasound to kill the bacteria in the mouth, tooth and promote healing and healthy gums. Normal toothbrushes only scrape away at the bacteria, moving it round the mouth and some still resides on the brush so it isn’t completely gone. With ultrasound and the use of specially formulated toothpaste, there is a great production of micro bubbles which produce the energy to destroy the membranes of the bacteria. This prevents the bacteria from healing itself and so it dies.

Emmi Ultrasound, as a company have received nothing but positive feedback from dentists. Patients with other more extreme oral hygiene problems have also shown to benefit from using the brush, by reducing inflammation, bad breath and teeth stains.


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